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Anda dapat membuat atau memilih nama panggilan untuk Agario yang sesuai dengan selera apa pun: imut, lucu, bergaya, misterius, menyenangkan, fantastis, glamor, intelektual, atau romantis. Gunakan generator nama panggilan kami yang telah diperbarui untuk itu, atau pilih nama panggilan yang sudah jadi dari koleksi di halaman ini atau halaman.

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Agar 💮 Clan Recruiting ( EXP all region except china/ociena) Hello, We are a small clan of Agar players, currently accepting people to play with us.. First of all, you are ruining FFA for the rest of us. I don't know why you would take the time to RECRUIT people to help you ruin FFA for the rest of us. FFA = FREE FOR ALL. CLAN ༺ℬℛ༻ GAMEPLAY + GAMEPLAY W/BOTS ! YouTube

大家好~又是我剛才錄了一些團戰的影片剪再一起,給沒時間找或想要學習的人參考第一次拍 能選的影片比較少.


Clans. Clans are a team of players. Their names consist of a tag E.g. [Clan]Name. Last revised by deleted account 8 years ago. r/Agario: A subreddit dedicated to the cell eating webgame at OS clan YouTube adalah permainan online multipemain yang menantang Anda untuk mengendalikan sel yang tumbuh dengan memakan sel lain. Bergabunglah dengan ribuan pemain lain di seluruh dunia dan nikmati grafis yang menarik, mode permainan yang beragam, dan fitur-fitur menarik lainnya. Baca kebijakan privasi dan syarat-syarat kami sebelum bermain.

CLAN REVENGE! (AGAR.IO MOBILE) YouTube Wiki. Clans. A clan is a form of organization in the context of competitive online gaming (often esports). Clans primarily consists of players. Clans support one or multiple games. Their members play together in teams in these games. Members can have one or more roles. Some roles do not require the member to actually play any of the.

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Also,"中国合伙人" doesn't belong to any clan, the name itself is a reference of the movie 《中国合伙人》. (Also, interesting fact: "" is always referred to "agar" in Chinese discussion threads, because the thread deletion fliter considers "" as an website and then the thread will be deleted because "advertising".)


FFA for China or East Asia maps, and other modes were available. Basically all modes are not always running for a region. Miniclip's inaction for over 9 months in regards to implementing a newly design anti-teaming mechanism has led to the rise of the hated clan-teamers on Asian servers. Most solo players have abandoned the game.


Clans in are group of players that are enjoying the game and playing to win. Example of nametag in agario : [CLAN]Player . It most happens when the streamer is streaming so they use the tag. Players that are active in this game and with the clan are in this section and they also use tags or not. Popular clans are the clans that are getting popular by using their tag or by youtube.

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The best serwer clan and View Join DRC CLAN #50 35 members. Hey welcome to DRC clan we are a friendly mobile clan we do tks daily and are looking for good active members. View Join 𝘊 𝘰 𝘭 𝘰 𝘴 𝘴 𝘢 𝘭 213 members. We are an elite community of epic gamers from and We offer epic fun and. // ༺ ⏉ ༻ CLAN GAMEPLAY 8 // EPIC MOMENT YouTube

China is a server region in It is one of three regions where the server is based in Singapore, the others being East Asia and Oceania. Players in these regions are typically less skilled than those in other regions, and rely on teaming. Full of Taiwanese/Hong Kong slow teaming clans. Playing solo here isn't nearly as hard as in East Asia, but it is still harder than in other non-Asian.


One of the most famous Clans out there, well known for the creation of the extension HKG Tool, which is said to be the "best Extension ever." This clan only accepts people from Hong Kong and is very high skilled, believed the be the fathers of split-running. East Asia. Oceania. China. Ҝƛℒ *** Korean Lovers

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Clan【 ZK】 639 likes. Clan ZK Grupo de FB Chinese M Clan Takeover YouTube

352 1034 1386. Leader: Unknown. MK is a decentralized clan. Region: America. MK stands for Making Kraken (or Mass Killers). The discord server ID for the original not but close enough official discord was 252226023796506635. If someone needs a invite to the discord message me on there (MK clan page) and I'll get whoever a fresh invite. ƬψƬ clan gameplay YouTube

China. China is one of the country skins in It can be used typing "China" in the nickname box. Then player's cell will become the flag of the People's Republic of China . Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.

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