Lovebird Chick Euwing Green (Gold) Opaline from Parblue Euwing Green & Green Opaline YouTube

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Lovebird parblue euwing green opaline and green opaline, they. Basically every lovebird has its own unique chirping patterns, as well as these two lovebirds. Lovebird parblue euwing green.

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The Belgian Lovebird association has already bred a few opaline euwings out of the combination of opaline green x euwing green, under the direction of Dominique Veeckmans. In Fisher's Lovebird, euwings and opaline both affect the coloration of the wing coverts differently and uniquely, because both mutations affect the coloration of the wing.

Green Euwing Opaline Lovebird Agapornis YouTube

Lovebird Colors (Expert Guide) 1. Fisher's Lovebirds. The Fisher's Lovebird, also known as the eye-ringed lovebird, is a beautiful bird with a tricolor plumage of green, yellow, and orange.Typically, the sexes share the same pattern of colors. Their bright green feathers are bright on their backs, chests, and wings, fading to yellow and orange before becoming black at the base of their necks.


When the bluebird is dark with The Double Factor Euwing, some indicate an expansion of the ash area on the back, sometimes almost completely grey. However, the distinctive color of the dark factor blue is still available on some flight and tail feathers. Some of them sometimes strongly resemble the Blue Violet Euwing mutation.

Green Euwing Opaline Lovebird Agapornis YouTube

Happy eating to these cute little lovebirds. I mean, they're shy because it's their first time eating outdoors. They were still hiding from the sun and the n.

Lovebird Chick Euwing Green (Gold) Opaline from Euwing Green Opaline & Blue Opaline YouTube

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Lovebird Chick Euwing Green (Gold) Opaline from Parblue Euwing Green & Green Opaline YouTube

Know the features and characteristics of a euwing african lovebirds mutation, also the history of it and how you can produce them. So make sure to watch til.

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Euwing Green Base Euwing is the best mutation if you want to create combinations to combine. In the future, when a new mutation occurs, of course, euwing is the most sought-after mutation to be combined with the new mutation. However, euwing mutations tend to have damaged feathers when wrong in combination. Excessive melanin in the wing.

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Dominique Veeckmans, the president of BVA (Belgium Lovebird association) has already bred a few opaline euwing out the combination Opaline green x euwing green. The combination of euwing and opaline Fischer's Lovebird is very interesting because both mutants affect the pigmentation of the wing coverts, each in their own unique way.

Lovebird Chick Euwing Green YouTube

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These two young lovebirds are about 6 months old. Lovebird Euwing Green (Gold) Opaline (male) and Dark Green Opaline (female). In Indonesia we call Euwing Gr.

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3 types of euwing. Euwing Solid. Euwing Pastels. Euwing Pied. But before we discuss further, let us briefly get acquainted with what is an euwing mutation. Euwing = EUmelanin WING namely lovebird which has decreased eumelanin on the wings (incomplete pigmentation process on the wings) Euwing is included in the Incomplete dominant category, so.

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It is indeed a way to get Opaline Euwing Green chicks, but there are peculiarities in the bird, especially in the condition of its plumage. The feather looks tangled, does not expand, and is messy, unlike other Lovebird Euwing. It has been the case since the bird grew feathers. Growing feathers look like a twist.

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